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Needs analysis questionnaire | Andy Boon | October 7th, 2002

Dear All,

If you are interested in this subject and/or involved in needs assessment/analysis, could you please complete the questionnaire (below) and e-mail it back to me?

Thanks for your help.

Any questions then just contact me via e-mail.

Andy Boon



Are you involved in designing courses and assessing/analysing the needs of your students?

If your answer is YES you may be able to help me?

As an Aston University participant and a teacher for a company that provides tailor-made Business English courses to groups of business people in Japan, I am trying to find more effective methods of assessing and analysing student needs in the classroom. Usually, the first lesson involves students completing a "Needs" questionnaire and discussing their goals, expectations and motivations for undertaking the course. This information provides valuable input into the design and content of the overall course. However, more often than not, students do not know what it is they would like to study and I am often left unsure of the exact needs of the class. Thus, I would like to modify the existing questionnaire and introduction lesson to help learners be able to more easily identify and negotiate their needs.

I would be extremely grateful if you could complete the questionnaire and share your experiences of needs analysis.

Thank you for your co-operation and time in completing the survey.

1] a] Where do you teach (country / type of institute) ?

b] What kind of courses are you involved in designing?

c] For what kind of students?

2] Who usually administers the needs assessment/analysis?

(E.g. The teacher of the course, the institute........)

3] a] When is the needs assessment/analysis usually conducted?

(E.g. Before the course starts, At the beginning of the course, On-going....)

b] How? (E.g. pre-course tests, observations, questionnaires, interviews....)

4] What is the main purpose of the needs assessment?

(E.g. to determine student motivations for studying, to obtain information about what students do or do not know, to establish present and future situations in which students use / will use English, to determine preferred learning styles......)

5] How is the information from the needs assessment used?

(E.g. to determine general topics the students may be interested in studying, to determine overall course aims and objectives)

6] Are any problems encountered during the needs assessment/analysis?

(E.g. Students find it difficult to articulate their needs, Students have no immediate need for English, Students are unfamiliar with being asked to identify their needs, Needs assessment/analysis conflicts with students' expectations of perceived classroom roles, Needs assessment/analysis is time consuming)

7] Regarding Question 6, Do you have any suggestions for improving the way we assess or analysis student needs?

8] Please feel free to add any other comments you feel may be relevant:


Re: Needs Analysis Questionnaire | Andy Boon | October 13th, 2002

I would like to thank everyone who completed my Needs Analysis Questionnaire- your comments were extremely helpful and useful for my = research.

Thank you

Andy Boon


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