a Merchant Story

Merchant Stories | Yvonne Beaudry | January 18th, 2005

What was your merchant story? Naff question I know, but everybody has one, and it doesn't take any effort to post it. It's more of a roll call really.


Re: Merchant Stories | Maria Leedham | January 18th, 2005

Hi Yvonne,

Good to get the ball rolling. I looked up my story from FND and here it is.

Once upon a time, there was a merchant so rich that he could have paved the streets of his town with silver. However, he was not happy. All he wished for was a child to love. One day he met a wizard who said that in exchange for all his wealth he could have a child. The merchant agreed and a year later (or rather 9 months) he and his wife looked fondly at their lovely daughter.   They were extremely happy, although poor.

Pretty standard I think?? Or maybe there are deep interpretations into my psyche that I haven't delved into? ;)







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