what's a conker?

What's a Conker? | Jerry Talandis Jr. | March 7th, 2003

What's a "conker"? I saw this term used in the latest newsletter, where the author, (Steve?) said something like "I'm the LSU conker champion..." Anyway, I always get a kick out of Brit-speak.

Guess I'll be sloping off now for a kip...


Re: What's a Conker? | Richard Colclough | March 7th, 2003


At last something I feel capable of responding to! Ah, those fond childhood memories! A conker is the "fruit" of the "horse chestnut" tree - I'm no botanist, hence my uncertainty with the language I'm using here.

Basically, you throw a stick up the tree hoping to dislodge the conkers. Having done that, you choose your best specimen, bore a hole through it, thread it with string, and then try to bash the hell out of your opponent's conker. Steve has every right to brag about this. Just what do you Americans get up to in your spare time?

Try using that in an assignment!


Re: What's a Conker? | Colin Graham | Friday, March 7th, 2003

Hi Jerry,

In warming up for LEX, I would say a conker could be:

a) A blow on the nose (from 'conk' meaning a punch on the nose or head)

b) A horse-chestnut (formerly a snail-shell) used in the (boys') game of conkers where each boy (usually, girls are too sensible to play this!) has a horse-chestnut attached to a string which he bashes against his opponent's conker, taking alternate turns, until one of the two conkers is broken

c) A coarse kind of limestone found in many parts of North India

So if Steve is violent, then it's (a) if he's a little boy at heart, then it's (b) if he's smashing up hard core to convert his barn, then it's (c)

Take your pick, I know what I'd choose!


Obbleyonka my first conker | Steve Mann | Friday, March 7th, 2003

Hi Jerry

Yup. Colin's right, I'm a little boy at heart. I don't know whether he's playing call my bluff with the other definitions though. Haven't got a dictionary to hand.

I'm glad Richard at least recognizes the importance of this, in terms of bragging rights, for the British male.

Keith reckons he's got another one so we'll make a 1-minute film of this 'fight' and put it on the web.



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